“Sick Fucks” Party @ Eagle Portland


Our “Sick Fucks” preview party this past Saturday had an incredible turn-out! We want to see you at our next event — we’ll keep you posted here on the blog.

It’s easy to feel at home when you’re in Portland. The men at the Eagle were extremely welcoming; the sex culture is alive and well. Seeing everybody get worked up about previewing a scene from “Sick Fucks” reminded me of how important it is for men to talk about sex. With some help from TIM, there was a lot of that — and more. It made me very happy! PONY HUNTER

The night had a fun, sexually charged atmosphere. TIM scenes were playing on the screens all over the bar and on the patio. Men making out, talking, enjoying beer and taking shots, smoking cigars and pot on the back patio — the energy was amazing. At midnight, the crazy “Twisted Fuck” scene was screened, and everyone was blown away. The guy next to me had a rock-hard cock by the end of it — you can imagine how I dealt with that! DICE







  1. So awesome to see those seed shots going in that pussy hole. Fucking awesome!! Great ideas well executed. I can watch it again and again. Plant that seed in there good. Party atmosphere looks great and people are obviously excited about it. Lots of flesh and hot cum love it guys. The graphics and black and white shots add alot to it and create that mysterousness. Great use of lighting with the darkness. Hope I can get invited to a party. Great job everyone!!!

  2. Snore.
    Max Sohl, Liam Cole & Morris are porn & culture literate artists; this looks like pretentious, grubby & artless hackery.

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