New LIAM COLE Release: Public Meat

Real, raw man-sex is embodied in this latest release, Liam Cole’s Public Meat
It’s obvious why Liam Cole ended up in the loony bin after making Public Meat.  As an advisory to viewers, this is by far the roughest, rawest, most primitive and real experience that we have released as a studio in a very long time.
What Liam Cole brings you in Public Meat is a true vision into the sexual male underground of London.  A scene unparalleled in size, grunge, and sexual overdrive; London relentlessly chewed Liam up, and landed him, by his own admission, into an asylum for a brief period of time, just prior to the end of filming.


“Vile filth” are the words being used to vilify the film by lobbyists and reformists alike. Unrelentingly, this is the London sex-world that eats men alive. So, do you want to come and watch?
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