Rolling with DICE: LA Bound


At home in PDX, it’s rare that we get much sun outside of summer. Last week I made it down to LA, where they have sun all the time, to visit some friends and film an oral scene with Aarin Asker.

Whenever I go on a trip I always make sure to pack my TIMGEAR—you definitely want to make it known what you’re about and what you’re into, especially at clubs. 

The crazy thing about LA is that there is SO much sexual energy there. My phone was constantly blowing up from all sorts of hook-up apps!

After arriving and checking into to the hotel, I just had to break a sweat, so first things first, I hit the gym—I love getting sweaty.


That evening I went to Faultline with some friends since someone I knew was supposed to be dancing there. It was incredible. There were so many hot men walking around in their jocks while porn was playing on screens all around the club.


We stayed there for a couple of hours, and afterwards we decided to head to West Hollywood, to Micky’s. It was very busy, filled with lots of hot guys and sexy go-go dancers—yum.


The following day I was lucky enough to film an oral shoot with Tex Davidson and Aarin Asker—they’re both so hot!


Totally drained after the awesome shoot, that evening I hit up dinner with some friends at the Rain Forest Cafe.


Afterwards we decided that we needed some fun that was a little less PG, so we headed to Bar Mattachine where Aarin was hosting a event; he’s always fun to hang out with—he definitely knows how to keep a party alive and going!


Overall, LA was a helluva place to visit. I can totally see why so many guys flock here—so I was a little sad to go! And apparently, a little of LA felt the same way: when I was leaving LAX I went through security and of course you have to take your laptop out of your bag. Seeing that LAX is a very busy airport, in the rush of things, my TIM cards and stickers fell out everywhere 🙂 I’m hoping the cute guy behind me picked up a card 😉



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