Reviews have begun to pour in for Liam Cole’s PUBLIC MEAT. Many rife with acclaim and scorn for its surrounded controversies, but none more accurate than that of Alphatribe, the first male fetish lifestyle magazine that covers all fetish tribes.

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This is classic TIM a number of unconnected scenes shot in their fantastic trademark ‘amateur’ way all with the sole purpose of getting you off faster and more furiously than any other studio around. No acting here just fit man next door types fucking each other raw and creampieing the cumdumps with as many loads as they can muster. The theme is that all the scenes are shot in public venues, toilets, boiler rooms etc as opposed to bedrooms/ hotels etc which really helps make you smell the mansweat and spunk as it drips out on the floor.




Best Bit – A TIM group scene is always something to behold and here you get more than one. The highlight is when we have twenty guys who would not know how to put on a condom between them if they tried all breeding each other upright in a very shady club that we do recognise of course. The butt fucking is non-stop but the fun really starts as always when the cum is out there. Horny nasty raw tops, even sleazier bottoms, pierced cocks, tatts everywhere and a lot of man seed changes ownership.

Behind The Scenes – Cutler X has been doing porn continually since 2004. As other black porn stars have come and gone he has stayed at the very top throughout and in 2016 he is still the number one black porn star on earth. The fact that he has a very fat 11′ uncut cock, embraces both bareback scenes and condom ones with equivalent aggression and is popular with both European studios and American ones helps grealy. In many ways he is the perfect porn star and we meet loads of them in the flesh but have to say Cutler is just such a great fun together happy intelligent guy just don’t bend down in front of him if you don’t want to be fucked into nappies which is very lucky for his porn star partner Adam Russo also in this film.

Any Good – Of course it is. You will have made up your mind right at the top when you saw Paul Morris’s name. If you like Treasure Island and their sleaziness of not wiping a cock as it moves from one hole to the next you will simply LOVE this if you are not a TIM fan there is nothing here that will convert you. We counted about 54 loads so 9/10

Stag, Paul. “Four Amazing Pornos.” AlphaTribe July 2016: 41-42. Print.

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