Rolling With DICE: Southern Decadence 2016

Just last weekend Rex & I had the chance to go to our first Southern Decadence in New Orleans. Let me say it was a blast! Our first night out we hit up The Phoenix and hung out with our friend Scott, there were tons of hot men everywhere and lots of sex going on!


After checking out The Phoenix we headed back to the hotel to host a Small fuck party, I got a few loads so I was happy.


They next day it was time to start filming! The first shoot was a hot four way with Dolf Dietrich taking on Rex, Justin Case, and Braxton Smith. These men had fun!


The shoot after was Hugh Hunter and Matt Muck. Hugh definitely showed this boy who was the boss.


After filming Rex and I went and checkout out some of the town, the French Quarter is an amazing area.


After walking around we headed to a small get together Dolf & Hugh invited us to that their friend had put on for them. It was very nice, and the place was so beautiful. Dolf & Hugh are some pretty amazing guys and have wonderful energy.


After their party, we decided it was time to check out Bourbon Street since we wanted to head over to Dolf & Hugh‘s live show that was at a club on Bourbon Street later that night. It was pretty busy everywhere and the streets were filled with so many people. We decided at one point to go to a club balcony and throw out TIM stickers to people.


Later that evening after Dolf & Hugh‘s hot show I noticed a hot guy I wanted to give a model card to apply and he said he was in “WHAT I CAN’T SEE 2” that put a huge grin on my face and we ended up heading into a bathroom stall.


The next day Rex and I went and checked out the Aquarium, which was humongous.


That last evening we hit up The Phoenix block party men all over in leather harnesses and jocks.  Safe to say Southern Decadence was amazing and I got to meet and work with a lot of very nice and very hot people. Looking Forward to it again!





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