Watch TIM at Club Fort Lauderdale

The Club Fort Lauderdale is a men’s 24/7 bath house located in downtown Fort Lauderdale. Definitely one amazing place to visit!


Just recently they wrote us saying they were working on making a Treasure Island Media only channel dedicated for those who love TIM Porn. They also sent us some pictures of “Flooded” playing on  in their main video lounge as you can see on the top left screen.


Not only can you stroke or fuck to “Flooded” on the TIM channel, but you can catch many other TIM titles there like “Public Meat“, “Fuck Off Homo“, ” We Are Coming For You“, “Sick Fucks“, “Fill ‘Er Up“, “Legendary Cocksucker Damon Dogg“, “Jaspers Bisexual Adventure“, and many more.


Your choice of locker or a selection of many private rooms. go in and check it out. They offer a full gym, steam room, dry sauna, whirlpool, heated pool, sundeck, and video lounges.


110 NW 5th Avenue

Fort Lauderdale, FL – 33311


Open 24/7

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