TIM: A Week Full of Raunch, Heat and Fill’er Up!

Believe me when I say that we have had an extremely busy week at Treasure Island Media. While we are always committing sinisterly debaucherous acts of passion, fun and pure filth, this week we pushed ourselves to our own limits – over, and over – – and over again.

 This past week was true to the form when TIM wound up sponsoring not one but three parties; HEAT in crazy San Francisco, RAUNCH in wild San Diego and our play party for Folsom: Fill’er Up, with our studs Ray Diesel and Hunter Williams. Now do see what I mean when I say that we did it “..over, and over — and OVER again?!”

The club at HEAT was filled with beautiful men partying hard and committing welcomed sex acts well into the early hours of the morning, all the while galavanting around to show off their Toxic Paul Morris Jocks.

RAUNCH was just as crazy as the last time that we played with hot men doing dirty acts! Next time that TIM comes to town, San Diego, make sure that you join us – isn’t this enough to persuade you?

Excuse me while I stare…

Oh, and Fill ‘Er Up. Uh, it was beyond awesome…but, let’s discuss that some other time. If you get that chance next year make sure to let us Fill’er Up! That is if you can take another round!

  1. Hey you guys there ever save up some loads and freeze them?? Would love for you to mail one to my boyfriend….no return address with just a note to enjoy and a cock pick of the cocks it came from

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