Prop 60: Are You Voting? Here’s Why You NEED To…


It is time to make a decision, as content consumers, human right activists, as role models and influencers. 

But before you make that decision, have a look at what CAM4 had to say, based on their insights into California’s love for bareback sex.

If you love bareback so much, and are enthusiasts, regardless of behind closed doors or not, why would you want to vote to have Prop 60 succeed? If you do, bareback content is going to disappear. The majority of bareback porn is produced right here in California. If we’re legally not allowed to create and distribute that content – who is going to? How feasible is it for studios, producers, actors and everyone else that plays a vital role in the pornography that you consume to simply pack their bags and move around the country and world to continue to produce the content that you love, but did not vote to protect and support. Moreover, by not voting NO on Prop 60, you’re disregarding the livelihood of people that bring you that content which you want to see.


Voting with Prop 60, in fact, opens the floodgate to a number of lobbyists and unhinged protestors to begin to abolish porn altogether. It all starts now, and we can take this step to stop it now, by VOTING NO ON PROP 60.

Today, we’ve already seen 10,000 active users consume Treasure Island Media’s content. In this last month, it has been hundreds of thousands of sessions that have occurred watching bareback pornography on our site. These are people around the world that will be affected by the way that you choose to vote on Prop 60 today. 

Do you want to know where in the world we see the most traffic? The United States of America. Do you want to know from which state? CALIFORNIA. In fact, 20% of our overall traffic is from California. This means that one in five of you reading this have the power to alter the course of Prop 60. If you don’t, five out of five of you will be affected (that’s ALL of you). This is not just on Treasure Island Media sites, not just on gay porn sites, not just from pornography produced in the United States of America – but porn, as we know it, will be affected globally due to the adverse ramifications of this ridiculous legislation.


Last, but not least, what does Prop 60 mean, should it succeed, stakeholders in this industry, particularly performers, will be trudged through the court system, be exposed by legal name and home address, and be susceptible to harassment, stalkers and outright danger. And before you consider that far-fetched, please do us a favor and Google the name “Michael Weinstein”…scary, right?!

So, please, now that you have had the chance to process and ponder, do your duty and go VOTE NO ON PROP 60 in CALIFORNIA.


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