After months of endless hard-work, protests, community outreach and social activism, the persistence to derail Proposition 60 has been a success! Last night’s election was a nail-biter for so many groups and individuals, blurred by a tumultuous race for presidency – – however, the true winners in California are the stakeholders of Proposition 60 who came so close to undemocratic harassment legislation that sought to destroy lives and profit one Michael Weinstein.


#NoOn60: Supporters gained global recognition for their awareness efforts.
#NoOn60: Supporters gained global recognition for their awareness efforts.


We’re proud to know that the Californian people, from all walks of life, support adult-industry workers’ right to make their own informed decisions and believe in freedoms of sexuality and safe, industry-governed practices. Moreover, the entire movement was touched by the amount of support afforded to the #NoOn60 campaign, which spanned across all 50 states and internationally to bring voice to a cause that would have surely negatively affected so many individuals that did not and do not deserve to be treated as lesser citizens.


#NoOn60: One of the many promotional assets that was plastered across social media.
#NoOn60: One of the many promotional assets that was plastered across social media.


From everyone at Treasure Island Media, to our audiences and beyond, we thank-you for your support and want to share congratulations for our mutual success of defeating the horrid Proposition 60.


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  1. Paul Morris,
    I, represent the darker complexion gay community and words cannot seem to fully express high level of gratitude for your staying on the no on prop. 60 thing for me & all the fellas. At 41 years of age, I’ve been a faithful porn watcher for 30 years back on showtime after dark & beta max tapes with huge beta tape players, ejaculating huge cumholes in my olde tube socks & dirty washcloths. Alot has changed since then, now I’m an upstanding American countryman, I did honestly vote no on prop 60 last year and happy ass hell you championed it the number of professional ways in which you & the whole TIM team & community did. For any like cause in the future I intend to join in on the onset and help out as much as possible; As you fight a clean ass TKO fight Morris! This is how America works today and I will maintain my focused, creative energies & spirit to where ever you feel it is worthy as I launch my serious 1st cotton apparel business here real soon and then the fun ones geared towards all ages of my LGBTQ community worldwide! I’ll keep you posted as I work progressively. to get things underway smoothly. Thanks again for your much needed & continued support business to future business….

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