Rolling With DICE: PDX Halloween

Halloween weekend was crazy here in Portland, lines going around the block just to get into some of Portland hottest clubs, not to mention all the half naked men and even TIM models out and about!


Jadyn Daniels was out as a football player and had no shame in getting on all fours at the club to show off.


Timarrie Baker was out as a hot leather bandit.


I decided to dress up as Spiderman for the first night at CC Slaughters.


The next night at Stag I thought it’d be appropriate to go as a GoGo Dancer. Always fun times on Halloween!



  1. wow, you guys make a ton of money, and the costumes seriously look like they were made at home.
    Im not trying to be a hater, i know its hard to make the costume look magical but
    there has to be a way to make the costumes look awesome and all those costumes looked…sad.
    the football player looked like a bottom queen who was scared of real football….great ass tho.
    and the spiderman was probably the best one out of all the costumes, but wasn’t very original.
    and the black guy with the horns literally scared me because his picture popped up when i clicked on this
    blog post, so i guess he wins in Scary department…the “Hot Bandit” More like “Not Bangit..” no one would
    know what he was unless he told you. the GoGo dancer looked like a sad mess…but id still Bone him all
    night Long. hot body… these pictures made me hate Halloween a little more then i already do..

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