Rolling With DICE: Chris Perry and I

Chris Perry and I have had some crazy adventures throughout the years. Lots of sex, fun, getting TIM tattoos, events, photo shoots, and travels. This week on TIMFUCK you finally get a chance to see how piggy we get on film.


We first started chatting on facebook adding each other cause all of our mutual TIM friends. We then started learning about each other and that we both shot our first scenes with the SF office around the same time over three years ago. During that time he was in New Zealand. After months of chatting back and forth, we decided to meet each other for Halloween weekend here in Portland. We met outside a Starbucks and he knew it was me from afar because of my Bad Seed tattoo. He had a smile so good one would never forget.



One year for Thanksgiving he decided instead of eating pie with whip cream, he wanted to just eat whip cream from my hole. That was a definitely a Thanksgiving to remember.


One year we randomly bumped into one another on the streets of SF. Just hours later emailing one another asking if we had just seen each other and then met up for some drinks and some hot fucking afterward.


We’ve hosted events for Steamworks Seattle, what once was Truck in SF for his birthday, and a pre-party at Lonestar for Hellbound during pride one year.



Throughout these past years, we’ve done a lot of fun things and tried a lot of hot things. Learning a lot and growing a lot as men, as well as pigs. Hope you enjoyed a blast from our past, I know I did.


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