Rolling With DICE: SF Weekend Trip

Just last weekend Me, Jadyn Daniel, and Timarrie Baker went on a spontaneous road trip to San Francisco. It’s only a 10-hour drive, so it didn’t take long to get there. When we got to town first thing we did was check into our room. After that, I ran to the TIM office. There I was given a few new items from TIM Gear for us to have, which was perfect cause that’s what we wore out our first night on the town. We hit up PowerHouse, Stud, and Badlands. It was their first time visiting San Francisco so of course, we had to bar hop.

The next day Jadyn got fucked and loaded by this hot SF stud. He definitely had a very hot time, he said he needed to be fucked good. That night me, Jadyn and Timarrie went out again but this time we hit up Beaux then headed over to Oasis. We ended up running into Eli Cummings and made plans to meet up the next day with him.

On Sunday we all got ready to head to the Eagle to meet Kenny Host and Eli Cummings for the beer bust. It was packed, men everywhere.

After the Eagle, Kenny and I went to take Jadyn to the tattoo shop to get his TIM tattoo, Jadyn was excited.

After getting his tattoo Jadyn and I headed over to the Mix to grab a drink before meeting up with Timarrie at Beaux. Once we got to Beaux the club was filled and there were a ton of hot gogo dancers dancing that night.

After Beaux, we all went and grabbed food at Orphan Andy’s after that I met up with Eli and brought him back to the hotel. He’s one fucking hot bottom.

The next day it was time to pack up and go but before packing, I ran to the Castro to meet up with Chris Perry for a second. When I got back to the hotel it was time for us to pack up the car and go. This trip was a lot of fun and we all had a ton of sex we all will definitely be coming back for another weekend getaway.

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