Rolling With DICE: Southern Decadence 2017

Last year I had the chance of attending Southern Decadence for the first time, as well as shooting two scenes which can be seen in “This Is You“. This year I got to attend again and shoot even more scenes with Damon Dogg.

Our first shoot was with Aarin Asker and Carlos Alexander. I had been chatting with Carlos about men he liked and Aarin was right up his alley. From the moment they started fucked you could tell they were having a great time together.

Later that even we did our second shoot with Ray Diesel and Braxton Smith. Braxton was all ready to get plowed that Ray headed straight to the room from the airport just to fuck dump his load in him.

The next day we shot Owen Powers getting fucked by Michael Roman, Ray Diesel, Sean Duran, Tony Bishop, Maxx Ferro, Justin Case, Michael Phoenix, Remi Soileau, Brian Davilla, Carlos Alexander, Parker Allen, Joey Wagner, Ryan Powers, and Winston Solo. You could tell Owen was in heaven.

That evening Michael Phoenix danced at Raw Hide and handed out TIM Porn to fans. Raw Hide is a hot gay club located in the French Quarter.

The next day Damon and I got up and went to Ryan Powers, he was at Southern Decadence and very much in the mood to get used, so we blindfolded him up and called over a couple guys.

After filming Damon and I and a few other models hopped in a truck to go ride around and check out New Orleans, and even some of Mississippi.

After cruising around we headed back to the hotel to meet up with Seth Santoro who was enjoying his birthday weekend getting fucked during Southern Decadence, I sent Mason Lear a text and he headed right over to dump a load deep inside Seth’s beautiful ass, both men were extremely happy.

On Sunday it was the day of the Southern Decadence parade, we meet up to shoot a scene Winston Solo who was staying just a block away from it, originally it was going to be a solo until I had seen on Twitter that Brian Bonds was a block away, so I sent him a message and he came over instantly to get fucked.

The following shoot that evening was Timarrie Baker fucking Jett Rink. Timarrie was instantly turned on when he saw Jett walk in the room.

Our last day in New Orleans Damon and I checked out the waterfront, then head down to walk around in the French Quarter. Damon also insisted we stop at Cafe Du Monde and get a beignet as that’s what they are famously known for. After that, we met up again with Carlos Alexander who lives part-time in New Orleans, he showed us around and told us a bit about each area.

This trip was amazing and can’t wait to do Southern Decadence again.

  1. I hope you go next year love to meet you i had fun at southern decadence wheb i went 2008. Got lots of loads

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