Post-Folsom Fuck Fest Debrief

I strive to give every man what he wants and asks for, and represent reality in my porn.

I stand by my statement I made a few weeks back – Orgy > Gangbang, especially after my shoot during Folsom Street Fair.

A good friend told me that a study was done, and men want to see many men all fucking one person, regardless of the “bottom” being male or female, or the viewer gay or straight. But that’s just not reality…or, at least to me it isn’t. Coming from a gay perspective, if you put a bunch of horny men in a room together, they’re all going to start fucking around with each other. Yea, maybe one bottom ends up being popular, but it seems to be limiting and also anti-realistic to expect that only one guy is going to be getting fucked.

Now I realize that porn exists to bring fantasy to those who watch it. As such, it may be that porn is the best place to do something that almost everyone fantasizes about, yet cannot achieve on their own. However, one of the things about Treasure Island Media that I pride myself for promoting, following, and engaging in is that we try to capture the reality of sex and create a community in which our viewers want to be a part of or already engage in themselves. If it weren’t for this fact, I would’ve left TIM a long time ago. My models enjoy what they do because I ask them to be themselves. There’s no story, no build up, just pure man-sex as it should be.

Bringing it back to why I think Orgies are better than Gangbangs, I am all for free and easy sex. Anything that limits the capabilities of men to enjoy themselves sexually seems like something that shouldn’t exist in my porn. So if I can manage it, I’d like for all my group scenes to have the freedom of everyone being able to fuck everyone. After seeing the results of that over Folsom, I’m even more inclined to host/film sex parties, not gangbangs.

And yet, I can’t be selfish. I was told by Paul Morris that I should film what I want to see, but at the same time, I do also want to give men what they want. I’m turned on by watching someone who’s as big a bottom as me take load after load, cock after cock. Personally, I totally have fantasies about being the only bottom for a Host of men and, as such, I need to represent those men/fantasies in my porn. If I didn’t, I’d be lying to myself that I didn’t want that for me or anyone.

I mainly just created this rant to remind people that it’s not all about being the only bottom in a gangbang. Let’s not forget how fun those wild sex parties can be. Think about how hot it is to be face down on a couch or bed and to look over and see another guy getting railed just as hard as you are….then watching as the two tops switch so that you get to feel what the other bottom was feeling too. Those are the moments I love about community sex.

Let’s share the love some more and be more open to wild sex parties! Still, keep those fantasies of 20 guys dumping a load in you, but I feel like you spread more happiness by just getting men to fuck each other in a common space rather than making it all about you.


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