TIM’s latest movie is $5 off on USB

Breeding Jadyn Daniels is now in the Treasure Island Media store! This 7-scene breeding gauntlet sees the ex-American Idol contestant get hammered in true TIMFUCK fashion the way every aspiring international cum pig deserves to be. TIM Portland director DICE really put his hole to the test for his debut on our seed-soaked silver screen, and the 10-stud gangbang at the end left us in absolute awe.

You could, in theory, order the movie on DVD or download the way you normally do… but since we’ve got these fancy new flash drives laying around, we figured we’d have some fun with them. We’re taking $5 off the TIMFILTH USB version of Breeding Jadyn Daniels for anyone still hesitant to leap away from the ol’ disc-in-case.

These drives are absolutely flawless in design, and come with a 10-year warranty straight from us here at TIM. Their 32GB size gives you PLENTY of room to load even more of your favorite porn onboard, and will even work simply plugged in to the back of your TV!

To order Breeding Jadyn Daniels with a $5 discount, click here and select “32GB USB” from the drop down menu above the cart.

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