How Hard is Too Hard: Poppers Training Videos

I love poppers and I love gay porn, so it’s only natural for me to seek out porn where poppers are prevalent.

You’ve got the “gooning” videos, the ones where guys just huff themselves into a frenzy, usually just jerking off, maybe getting a little verbal or getting a dildo going.

But that’s not really my style. I want to see more than one guy when I’m cranking one out. Then I started seeing “poppers training” videos.

It’s a smart concept, to a degree, and a damn simple one too: you edit together clips from any number of porn videos, set it to some sort of high-paced music, and put “instructions” at the bottom of the screen telling the viewer when to pull out the Rush, when to inhale and for how long, and when to release.

As the video progresses the clips become more intense – first from posing and some foreplay, to sucking and jerking, to full-on-fucking, then usually a cum shot compilation at the end. Your instructions get more frequent too. Quick hits, long hits, deep inhales, hold it, keep holding… all designed to get you to climax with the most intense high from your brown vial as possible.

I downloaded a pack of 10 or so to watch late at night when I get the bedroom to myself. Each one is themed – there’s one for bears, muscle dudes, all-fucking, etc.

Ironically, the only poppers you’re likely to see in these are the icons flashing on the screen. The clips mostly come from mainstream porn sites (Treasure Island does feature pretty heavily in a lot of them) with amateur/cell phone videos mixed in.

I’ve tried on a few occasions to play along and follow the instructions on the screen. The problem with these training videos are that there’s too many variables in play to make them useful, or even safe. If you’ve opened more than one bottle of them in your life, you’ll know the quality of the liquid varies greatly – you could have a super-concentrated batch or a bunch that’s weaker than piss.

Every body is different and everyone’s system reacts to drugs in a different way. Pot mellows most guys out – for me, I might as well have taken peyote, it gets me so jacked and paranoid. It’s the same with inhalants, a normal inhale’s worth could have little effect, or it could knock you flat. So when you’ve got instructions telling you to inhale for 5 seconds… 15 seconds… 25 seconds on one video I watched! … you can really do some damage to yourself if you set about doing whatever a video tells you to do.

Harm springs from excess – it’s true for any substance you put in your body, even water. So when you’re playing with poppers, trust your body’s instincts. 

As for me? I watch them a lot, but I usually just skip ahead to the quick-fire fucking and cum shot sections. And yes, I’ll have the poppers in hand, but I do them at my own pace. It’s fun just to be participating.

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