First times: remember the fun of your first sex club?

I told myself I was only going to watch. Two hours later, I was drunk and naked, on my knees on the dirty club floor with a cock down my throat and cum dripping from my hole.

My best friend dragged me to my first sex club when I was 21 years old. He hated it and left early. I stayed and became a regular from that day forward.

The nerves struck when the moustached leatherman on the club door handed me a plastic bag to put my regular clothes into. I paid the entry fee, awkwardly changed into my gear – boots, harness, and a leather jock – and ventured inside.

The moment I pushed open the doors to the club and saw what was inside, I fell in love.

Men, primarily naked, rutting up against each other everywhere I looked. Maybe 500 men were dancing, fucking, leading each other off to the play areas hidden in the rooms at the back. I felt the overwhelming urge to be part of it.

I joined my friend for a few drinks at the bar to kill my nerves. But, even there, guys were grabbing my ass, sizing me up, putting their hands on me. They looked at me like fresh meat, and it sent a shiver up my spine as I realised how much I loved it. 

At one point, I tried to get up and go to the bar for another drink, but another man just pushed me back down hard and made me take his dick too. 

Walking through to the first of the large play areas, I tried to look more confident than I felt. I told myself I was only there to watch and explore. But seconds after walking into the darkroom, a tall guy wearing nothing except boots and a leather cap came up behind me. I felt his wet finger slide over my hole – a question. 

I looked at him and hesitated… then nodded. That was all the cue he needed. One of his hands went to the back of my neck and the other to my waist. He steered me forcefully over to a bench in the corner, pushing me over it.

He spread my knees and placed one hand on my back, holding me against the bench. Other men came over to watch, their dicks level with my head. 

The guy spat on my hole, and then his dick, and before I knew it, he was pressing his raw cock into me. There was no question about condoms – everyone there was a bareback breeder, and my boy hole would be taking them as nature intended.

I barely had the chance to moan before one of the watchers stepped forward and filled my throat with his dick. Lying there, bent over a bench, getting fucked at both ends by two total strangers in a club was at that point the single most mind-blowing sexual experience of my life. Neither of them was gentle as they used me.

Yet, it felt right, it felt incredible, and it felt like I was where I belonged. After a while, I turned around to get a look at the guy fucking me, only to find it was someone else entirely. The first guy had already cum and been replaced by another. I stayed there until he finished, and more guys took his place. At one point, I tried to get up and go to the bar for another drink, but another man just pushed me back down hard and made me take his dick too. 

Eventually, I managed to walk off to try and find my friend. Someone smacked my ass as I passed them and said: “good job, boy”.  

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Turns out my friend had been watching me for a while but decided it wasn’t his scene. He wished me luck, handed me another drink, and told me to stay and enjoy myself. I necked the liquor in record speed and headed straight back for the darkroom, smiling from ear to ear.

by Tommy Trash @SlaveBoyTom


“I heard fetish clubs were a good place to fuck sluts that could take dick well, although I was sceptical. But standing there with my dick in one hand and a drink in the other, sexy boys kept coming up and asking for my load. Hook-ups were never the same after that, I just wanted the kind of nasty bottom boys you find in seedy clubs.”

“I told myself I wouldn’t do anything with a stranger. I ended up taking 6 loads from random guys in the bathroom with my pants around my ankles. I never saw them again.”

“I like fucking with an audience, so I tried out a club near me. Fucked and bred a guy in the middle of the dance floor while people watched and danced around us. Best club experience of my life.”

“My first time at a sex club was with an older dominant friend. He took me there and told me he’d offer me to the crowd, which I loved the idea of. I had no idea there’d be so many guys there, or that they’d all end up fucking me, or that I’d love it.”

“I got drunk and ended up on my knees in the toilets getting pissed on by a group of guys. I had to walk home soaked in piss.”

“I went to a fuck club with my sub boyfriend. I loved watching him get used by other guys while I loaded up some other sub in his place. I fucked him in front of everyone to show them how well he could take it, then left him to be devoured by the crowd while I went in search of more toys to fuck.”

“The heat, humidity, and smell hit me first, and it turned me on so much. Then I looked around and saw all these hot guys in various stages of undress, dancing and having the time of their life. It felt amazing so I dove straight in. I fucked my way though half the bar that night and loved every minute.”


Remember your first anonymous load? Yeah, I bet you do, slut. Or maybe you were the one breeding a blindfolded cumdump for the first time? Tell us how it felt. What do you remember? Why did you enjoy it? What made you come back for more?

Use the comments below or email with the subject ‘First Times’. All responses are treated as anonymous – just like your holes and dicks were.


Everyone remembers their first time trying something new. First Times is a blog series collecting real stories of your first times in different scenarios.

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