Want to watch us turn a boy into a slave? Say hello to Tommy Trash…

Hello to TIM men around the world! My name is Tommy, and I aim to become a real honest-to-fuck sex slave. I’ve been a natural-born cock-hungry faggot for as long as I’ve been alive. But it’s time to go further.

Now I’ve officially given myself to Paul Morris as his slave and property. He’s given me these words that describe the object I will become: “slave to all men, property of one”.

What that means is this: Sir is sharing me with all of you. You are part of the Treasure Island Media culture, so you have the right to use me. My holes are yours.

I’ll be journaling my experience as my life and identity are reworked into becoming the official TIM slave – at the mercy of men like you.

I exist to be fucked, used, bred, abused, humiliated, and punished by men.

My initiation into being Sir’s property is that I must take 100 loads. So, I’ll be doing that over the next few weeks as quickly as I can. I’ve already reached 45… you’ll hear all about those soon.

There’ll be stories, pictures, and videos as I’m rebuilt into a true slave. Watch as men and their cocks make me more stupid with every thrust into my holes. Witness me giving up my old life and embracing the real me. Train me yourselves.

Your encouragement – and your abuse – will help me become the fuck-hole slave I was born to be. There’s no going back now. I exist to be fucked, used, bred, abused, humiliated, and punished by men.

You can reach me by email — tommy@treasureislandmedia.com – and on Twitter @SlaveBoyTom. Write to me to let me know how I’m doing, praise or degrade me or just say “hello faggot”. I’m based in London, UK, but available to men all over the world.

Thank you for allowing me to serve you all and I can’t wait to share my journey with you.

Your faggot,

Tommy the Treasure Island Media slave
  1. I would appreciate some “background story” and “everyday’s life of slave tom” content in the Blog and/or on Twitter.

  2. Fuk Yes Fag Boy Tommy,

    Dude, that is seriously one of the very many fantasies that a lot of us timfuck fans have had since being introduced to treasure island media and all of its glory! Your such a lucky faggot! I hope that you realize that you better not let Paul down or any of us here down. Do ur job and do it well! Because if u don’t then someone else will! I volunteer of course haha no but good luck mate! Go be that cumslut of our dreams!!

  3. Fuk! Where do I sign up as the next candidate!? Total pig fukhole, here – hit me up Sir Paul!

  4. It’s about time! Thank you,
    Paul for helping change the world once again. There are lots of us faggots out here who would like to be owned slaves like tommy. Personally I think it needs a bull ring in its nose and both tits pierced.

  5. I’m so glad sexual slavery and just plain ol’ slavery is in vogue again. All that emancipation and civil rights garbage was seriously a boner killer. Human trafficking and buying and selling people is fun! Free will, autonomy, and equality should be trivialized and at every opportunity!

    Some humans deserve to be bought and sold, it is the ultimate capitalist goal!

    Two questions though.

    Why a lily-white slave?

    Can we write his mom as part of his humiliation?

    1. fuck off with your racist bullshit. stop trying to include your weird racism fetishization into this post.

  6. Interested to see your training as u am looking to be trained as a sex slave myself

  7. Congrats Tommy my fellow fag bro for such an inspiring achievement! Now the fact that Paul Morris and consequentially TIMPorn is open to fag slaves your owned status probably will entice many of your fellow fags to reach out to TIMPorn for the dreamy opportunity of being used by every TIM man and beyond.

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