Tommy Trash’s load diary: struggle fuck for the slave boy

Hello TIM men! I’m Tommy Trash, and as you know by now, I’ve officially given myself to Paul Morris as his slave and property.

I’m writing down my experiences for you as my life and identity are reworked into becoming the official TIM slave. My initiation into being TIM property is that I must take 100 loads, and I’m not wasting any time.

On the first day of my task I took four loads, but that’s nowhere near enough. So the next day I took eight more… and here are the details.

Both he and I understood that I deserve no mercy, ever. And he was as rough as they come, rape-fucking me until – despite myself – I realised I was struggling.

Loads #5, #6 and #7 were from the same guy. He’s someone I have been talking to on Grindr for years but never managed to meet for various reasons. Finally the stars aligned and he was passing by my house just as I was free to get on my knees for him. He stayed a while – making up for lost time from the past – and put two loads in my hole and one in my mouth. It was fairly vanilla but he was hot and he fucked well. While we waited for him to recharge he’d have me get on my knees and tongue his dick and balls while he had a beer and watched TV.

Load #8 had me call him ‘daddy’ as he fucked me while I was on my back with my legs in the air, spread like a faggot. He was older and well built, and he put his hands down either side of me, pinning me to the bed as he rammed his daddy dick into my hole. I told him I already had two loads in my hole and he wanted to punish me for being a slut, so he showed no mercy while he pounded me into the bed. He shot a huge load which seemed to go on forever as I could feel it filling me up.

Load #9 wanted me blindfolded, but he let me feel him and he was a big man with a big cock. He said a friend of his had fucked me anonymously before and told him about me. He wanted to try me for himself. Everything about this guy was big. He had a long, thick cock and I could tell from feeling him with my hands that he was a giant of a man. I told him I liked that his hands were as big as dinner plates and he responded by slapping me round the face over and over until I saw stars beneath my blindfold.

It felt amazing having an obvious natural alpha pin me to the bed and take my holes. He was rough. It takes a lot to make me struggle but he had me squirming. I didn’t get very far though, he just kept pulling me back on that dick and making me take it – no mercy. Both he and I understood that I deserve no mercy, ever. And he was as rough as they come, rape-fucking me until – despite myself – I realised I was struggling.

Struggling, but fully aware that he was in control. When he was finished and was getting dressed I thanked him for his cock. He responded by spitting on my face and left without saying a word. I really hope he comes back, whoever he is.

Load #10 was from a young jock lad, who had the biggest, low-hanging balls I’ve seen in a long time. First he laid me on my back with my head off the edge of the bed and used my mouth, smothering my face with those huge balls as he did so. Then he turned me over and held me down as he fucked me, and boy did those balls make an amazing sound as they slapped against my ass cheeks. He gave me his number because he wants to come back again.

Load #11 was from a regular. A hung guy who lives 30 minutes away by car but drives over any time he can to use my hole. He really gets off on the fact I’m a cumdump, and always loves it when there are other men’s loads already in my hole. He makes me tell him what a slut I am, and just hearing me describe how many guys have fucked me that week is usually enough to make him cum.

Load #12 happened to be passing by my house. He was an older man, maybe late 50s, and initially he just wanted a blowjob. But I greeted him in just a jockstrap and socks and he couldn’t resist filling my hole too. He was tall enough that he had one hand on the back of my head as I sucked him off, and the other reaching down and fingering my boyhole.

LOAD COUNT: 12/100

Keep checking back on the blog to keep up with my progress or follow @TIMPorn and @SlaveBoyTom on Twitter. Your encouragement – and your abuse – will help me become the fuck-hole slave I was born to be. You can reach me by email — – or via Twitter DM. Write to me to let me know how I’m doing, praise or degrade me or just say “hello faggot”.

Until next time Sirs and slavebros,

Tommy the Treasure Island Media slave


Tommy is a natural cock-hungry faggot aiming to become a true sex slave – and the slut has given himself as property to TIM founder Paul Morris. We’re going to get to work on this boy and have instructed Tommy to journal his experience as his life and identity are rebuilt. Some of you will get to use him. Some of you will wish you were him. Keep checking the blog for all the latest on Tommy’s quest.

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