Three years of fetish needs unleashed at London’s Recon party

One minute I’m at the bar having a drink. The next, my rum and coke has been taken out of my grasp by a man whose hands move to my head and push me to my knees.
Treasure Island Media slave Tommy Trash writes about the London Recon party

One minute I’m at the bar having a drink. The next, my rum and coke has been taken out of my grasp by a man whose hands move to my head and push me to my knees.

“Suck my cock, slave,” I just about hear him say over the bar’s busy chatter. I don’t need to hear his words anyway, his grip on my neck makes my orders clear as he pushes my mouth onto his dick.

Tonight it’s the long-awaited Recon London party, the first since 2019. It’s got the vibe of a school reunion, if school reunions were fun. The 2,000-capacity venue is packed solid with people running into friends and fuck buddies they haven’t seen in years.

I’ve never met the guy now fucking my mouth before, but the way he’s punishing my throat makes me picture him as the school bully. I love him already.

He knows he doesn’t need to ask my permission to grab me and use my mouth – I’m walking around with the words ‘FAGGOT SLAVE’ and ‘CUMDUMP’ stamped onto a set of bicep straps I’m wearing. Men never need to ask permission to use my holes, the straps let them know.

Tommy’s bicep straps send a signal

The guy is about the same build as me, but taller and wearing nothing but a pair of leather shorts that are now pulled down around his thighs. He’s backed my head up against the bar and trapped me there, one hand keeping me still while he forces his cock so deep his loose balls are smashing into my chin.

After what feels like a long time of quietly choking I instinctively try to pull away for some air, getting only a hard slap for my troubles and a harder grip on my head. There’s a small crowd watching now, and determination to be a good slave and do a proper job takes over. My mind goes blank and I relax into obedience.

He must feel it, because his thrusts become shallower. He doesn’t even bother pulling his cock all the way out of my throat now, just pumps away at it. And, right as I feel his cock swell that little bit extra… he pulls out.

“I don’t wanna cum yet, boy. Maybe you’ll get it later.”

After all, the night is young.

A kind fellow slave with the largest septum piercing I’ve ever seen helps me to my feet, laughing a bit at the dazed look I must have been wearing on my face. And with that, the night has begun.

There are so many guys packed into the club I’m like a kid in a sweet shop. The event, at London’s fuck-friendly Fire nightclub, is split into zones including multiple dancefloors, bars, a bondage room, a cruising area and a sling room. Tucked away in one corner is a large paddling pool attached to some nearby urinals. Oink.

After getting my bearings and noting some good fuck spots for later I headed back to the bar for some socialising. Remember I said it was like a school reunion? I was lucky enough to chat to all sorts of guys, including a lad whose cock I’ve lusted after since I was about 20 years old but never met in the flesh. He treated me to his dick later, bending me over a fuck bench in the bondage room.

The bondage room – where at previous events I’ve enjoyed many hours being tied up and teased, spanked and fucked – had a great display of furniture but you had to bring your own restraints to use them. Something to remember for next time.

Having talked until my throat was hoarse (or was that from the throat fucking I took earlier?) it was time to disappear into the gloomy cruising area with the full intention of getting lost.

I had no intention of pulling away, but he closed up behind me and pushed me against the wall with his body anyway, just in case I was thinking of resisting.

The cruising area was a rabbit warren, with tunnels and hidey-holes in every direction. If I found a quiet corner, I only had to bend over and present my hole for taking by any man who passed. But those quiet corners were hard to find until much later in the evening, given the sheer mass of bodies pressed into the cruising area looking to fuck.

One lad threw me up against a barrier separating the zones and forced the entire length of his 8-inch cock straight inside my hole, balls deep. Luckily I had warmed up a little before I left home, but I yelped anyway. I had no intention of pulling away, but he closed up behind me and pushed me against the wall with his body anyway, just in case I was thinking of resisting.

I was lucky enough to get his load, given it was still early in the evening, and he gave way to his mate who had been watching us. He used his buddy’s load as lube, a blessing it turns out, as his dick was even thicker.

After that I explored the fuck zone some more, distracted at every turn by the sight of doms fucking subs on every available surface. There was so much going on it was difficult to find anyone who wasn’t already engaged in some kind of animalistic sex. I’m never one to interrupt someone else’s fun, so I kept looking.

In a quiet tunnel, I knelt down to fix my bootlaces and soon had a thick cock bouncing up and down in front of my face. I opened my mouth and looked up just as the head touched my lips. This man’s cock was long and thick, but I’d had a warm-up earlier, and deepthroating him was an easier task.

Once he’d left my face and his cock covered in saliva, he pulled me up by my harness, spun me around, and filled my hole with his load, before giving my ass a smack so hard the noise reverberated around the cavernous fuck room.

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Later at the bar, a sexy guy I’d never seen before walked up to me, kissed me, and bit my lip so hard he drew blood. I didn’t get his cock, but if he fucks as sadistically as he kisses, I hope we run into each other again.

Having given my throat some refreshment, I headed back into the fucking area, looking to be used. My mouth was almost in greater demand than my hole, with a third guy pushing me to my knees against a wall, holding my head still with both his hands and fucking my face like it was a fleshlight. He blew his load half in my mouth, half over my face, admiring his handiwork with a smirk before walking off.

I didn’t have time to even think about wiping the cum off my face before another lad stepped up and took over, this time I was left to suck his cock at my chosen pace and worship it with my tongue and mouth while the man looked down and watched me go to work. He too gave me a load in my mouth.

This turned out to be a good corner to tuck myself away in, as I took another five loads there in a short period of time, all in my hole. One man giving way to the next, passing my cum-filled hole around to each other like they were sharing a toy.

Before I knew it, the place was clearing out – somehow five hours had flown by and the night was over. I was disappointed not to have managed to squeeze in any time on my knees in the urinals, but with cum dripping from my hole and taste of men’s loads in my mouth I could hardly complain.

Recon parties in London are few and far between, but this night reminded me they are well worth the wait.

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  1. Amazing story Tommy. Glad things are kind of looking up for us sluts in heat so we can get back to our natural habitats just to get down to the dirty business of fulfilling the demands of our desires.

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