Tommy Trash’s load diary: hotel room cumdump

Blindfolded and handcuffed face down, I could only hear the men gathered around the bed I was laid on – and I could tell there were a lot of them.

I’m doing one of my favourite things in the world. Offering myself out as an anonymous no-loads-refused hotel cumdump in London. Here’s what happened.

My name is Tommy Trash, and as you know by now, I’ve officially given myself to Paul Morris as his slave and property.

I’m writing down my experiences for you as my life and identity are reworked into becoming the official TIM slave. My initiation into being TIM property is that I must take 100 loads, and it’s time to speed things up.

I booked a hotel room not far from London’s busy gay district, advertising my holes on all the apps and sites I could. “Free use cumdump, blindfolded, tied to the bed, taking loads all night. All men welcome”. I got ready, had a couple of drinks, sent out final confirmation of the room number, and waited.

I could hear them getting more and more worked up. Almost animalistic. They were telling him to fuck me harder. ‘Rape that bitch, he deserves it.’

Loads 13, 14, 15, 16 and 17 all turned up within the first half an hour. The first guy wasted no time doing the honours of cuffing my hands behind my back and making sure my blindfold was tight. My hands would end up staying bound for a long time. I desperately hoped the spare key I had hidden under the bed wouldn’t get lost.

Before long there were five men crowded around the bed. All had turned up eager to be the first to fuck me but they had to take turns. They were good to me – they lubed me up well, knowing the long ordeal I had ahead of me that night. I could tell they were all different ages, different body types, different fucking styles. Some were dominant and rough, some just wanted a hole to cum in and leave. Before long, I had my first five loads of the night.

For a moment, nobody else arrived. I laid there waiting, thinking maybe it was over so soon. Just as I thought about getting up and finding a key to uncuff myself, I heard the door open.

Loads 18 and 19 arrived together. Both were guys who worked nearby and had stopped by after work on their way home. I could hear the first one strip off fully to fuck me, the other just pulled down his jeans. They both dumped their loads and left – all over in five minutes. Before the last guy left, he grabbed a marker pen I had left on the table and wrote “FAG CUNT” on my ass cheeks.

Loads 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, and 26 suddenly passed in a blur. It felt non-stop. One of the first guys was hung and thick, and even with my hole already leaking seven big loads of cum it took him a moment to force it fully inside me. He held me down against the bed while the others encouraged him, and before long he was smashing me balls deep.


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The other men there were giving me encouragement too, telling me I was a good faggot for taking his cock so well, for letting him use me. I could hear them getting more and more worked up. Almost animalistic. They were telling him to fuck me harder. “Rape that bitch, he deserves it.” When I started to make a lot of noise, grunts and guttural moans that I couldn’t control, one of them stuffed my mouth with his cock and kept me quiet. 

With my hands tied behind my back, and my head facing downwards, I couldn’t pull my mouth off his cock at all. He kept a firm grip of my head, choking me while the other man ploughed relentlessly at my hole. I was being used like a bitch and there was nothing I could do to stop it. 

I couldn’t have been happier, despite the struggle. Eventually the guy fucking me shot his load, and made me suck the cum off his cock afterwards. The other guys immediately took their turn on me, in quick succession, and one by one left the room. 

Loads 27 and 28 were two guys who arrived together. They stayed the longest, and were especially interested in using my throat. They kept me cuffed up, pinned with my head off the edge of the bed, and skullfucked me. I gagged, choked, and coughed up so much saliva my face was coated in it. I’m glad I skipped lunch, knowing that some men would want to use my throat.

They were merciless on my mouth, holding me down when I tried to instinctively struggle for air and carrying on regardless. I just had to lay there and take the humiliation of their balls smashing into my face. 

Loads 29, 30 and 31 came shortly afterwards. My hole was sore by this point but that didn’t stop me from giving myself up to them to the fullest. They were a kinky group. They spat on me, degraded me, spanked me, slapped me around the face and told me what a trashy faggot I was. I agreed with them and thanked them for using me. 

Loads 32, 33, and 34 just about finished me off. By this point the cum was running uncontrollably out of my hole and down my legs. The men were getting covered in it as they fucked me, the sound of their balls soaking wet as they slapped against my ass cheeks. 

One of the guys with the biggest cock pulled out after fucking me doggy style, and I felt my now gaping hole drop a big wad of cum straight out and onto the bed. The DNA of more than 20 men all mixed together in my slave boy hole.

LOAD COUNT: 34/100

Keep checking back on the blog to keep up with my progress or follow @TIMPorn and @SlaveBoyTom on Twitter. Your encouragement – and your abuse – will help me become the fuck-hole slave I was born to be. You can reach me by email — – or via Twitter DM. Write to me to let me know how I’m doing, praise or degrade me or just say “hello faggot”.

Until next time Sirs and slaves,

Tommy the Treasure Island Media slave


Tommy is a natural cock-hungry faggot aiming to become a true sex slave – and the slut has given himself as property to TIM founder Paul Morris. We’re going to get to work on this boy and have instructed Tommy to journal his experience as his life and identity are rebuilt. Some of you will get to use him. Some of you will wish you were him. Keep checking the blog for all the latest on Tommy’s quest.

  1. Heyy Can I be the next Treasure Island sex slave? I mean it, Please sign me up! I’m all yours Paul Morris and Treasure Island Media porn stars-guys. Let’s have funn! Free to use me and make me Ur guys new fuckboi and submissive bottom Boi that I really am deep down inside even though I may look pretty damn str8 on my very hott looking exterior. I’m all yours, you guys let me know when & where to be and I’ll be there willing, hungry-eager. And ready

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