Blind auction: my night at the London Horse Fair

“Stay down, boy,” growled a voice in my ear as the 14th top of the night roughly took my hole for a ride. I’m hooded and handcuffed, bent over with some random guy’s hand pinning my neck down to the bed while his buddy fucks me.


“Stay down, boy,” growled a voice in my ear as the 14th top of the night roughly took my hole for a ride. I’m hooded and handcuffed, bent over with some random guy’s hand pinning my neck down to the bed while his buddy fucks me.

Last night was my first time checking out the Jamie HP Horse Fair – London’s version of the infamous Berlin sex party – and I’m in slave boy heaven.

The rules are simple. You’re either a mare (bottom) or a stallion (top). Mares are blindfolded, hooded and handcuffed. Stallions rule the club – and the tied up mares – as they see fit.

The two groups are kept strictly apart until every one of the slaves has been blindfolded. The tops get to enjoy pure anonymity. Then, blind and cuffed, the mares are put in a line-up and led into an underground room full of horned-up dominant men waiting to grab them, take them off to the assorted beds, slings and dark corners, and fuck them stupid.

I make no secret of the fact I like it rough and I hoped the dehumanising nature of the hoods would invite the tops to be aggressive.

There’s excitement and nervousness in the air in the side room where I, like all the other mares, am waiting. Naked except for a jock and harness, wrists cuffed together with cable ties, and both a blindfold and thick black hood obscuring all vision. Suddenly, the party has begun.

“I want this one,” a voice growled in my ear about 10 seconds after I took my first blind steps into the room. “Take him then,” another said, before hands gripped me by the shoulders and pulled me out of the line-up.

I could sense I’d been shoved into some dark corner, and now there were hands running all over my body, squeezing my ass, my caged dick, my balls. After a few minutes of being touched and felt all over, my first stallion appeared satisfied.

For a moment I was disappointed at not having been fucked for the first time of the night, but my disappointed was short-lived.

My ‘cumdump’ bicep strap made sure to let everyone there know I wanted it raw

“What do I do with him now?” I heard the man ask a stable boy – one of the team of guys whose job is to oversee the action.

“Just throw him back in with the stallions, like this,” came the reply, and I felt a hand take firm hold of the back of my leather harness. I was pushed, forcefully, into the main chamber and could feel bodies all around me. The stable boy kept pushing me forward, deeper into the middle of the room. The middle of all the stallions.

Once we reached the middle, he disappeared, and left me to their mercy – or lack of. Within seconds I was being bent over by firm hands, a cock head pressed against my hole. A second, then a third and fourth stallion, were standing around me. I could feel their hands, bodies and dicks pressing against me all over.

This would be the start of almost three hours of continuous fucking.

When you can’t see, you lose all sense of time. Even more so when your brain and body are preoccupied with the sensations of having your hole ploughed by an endless queue of dominant men. There is no time. Just the feeling of hands groping, squeezing, slapping your body. The feeling of cocks of all sizes and thicknesses pushing their way inside you. The feeling of warm cum being pumped balls deep into your hole as the men roar in pleasure behind you.

Understandable, then, that in no time at all I started to feel as dehumanised as I must have looked. I stopped thinking, only feeling. Any nervousness I felt washed away. After all, what choice is there? I’m at the mercy of this large group of anonymous men and what happens, happens.

After being fucked by the first group of six men I was unceremoniously pushed over onto a bed, face down ass up, and left there.

I make no secret of the fact I like it rough and I hoped the dehumanising nature of the hoods would invite the tops to be aggressive. Not long after the seventh stallion to take my hole stepped up behind me, I felt a gentle punch on my back, followed by a slap around my hooded face.

Both were soft touches, but I guessed there was an unspoken question being asked: do you like that, faggot? I twisted my neck, as if I were looking over my shoulder, and nodded my head as obviously as I could, hoping this man would understand my answer. There was no point trying to speak, the music was loud and the sounds of animalistic fucking all around would only drown out my words.

A second, more punishing blow from his fist straight into my flank told me he got the message. Words of encouragement and murmurs of “fuck that’s hot” from other stallions told me he was getting some attention. From what I could tell, I’d estimate I took about another eight cocks in that position. Each one more rough than the last, as the men encouraged each other to go hard on my dehumanised body.

With my hole now freely leaking copious amounts of cum, I found myself being pulled up onto my feet and dragged into another area. This time, pushed up against a wall, I was fucked by four or five men before once again being discarded. This was the only quiet moment I experienced, and it was a brief relief to let my hole catch a break and for me to catch my breath.

I later learned the last guy had left me in the corner of a pitch dark side room where nobody could see me. Fortunately, a wandering stable boy eventually spotted me and dragged me back into the action.

I found myself on my back next, a meaty muscle top bearing down on me, spreading my legs and going to town on my now well-used fuckhole. I heard him spit on me, and felt it hit the hood. He couldn’t tell, but I was smiling, eyes rolled back in my head as I let the intense feeling of his big cock smashing into my hole wash over me.

With a guttural growl, I felt him blow a massive load deep inside me and then he was gone, replaced in an instant by another cock. I kept my legs spread, feet in the air, offering my hole every stallion that wanted it. After several more cocks, I was once again picked up and this time guided into a sling.

After a brief quiet period in which I thought the night was drawing to a close, several more stallions forced their way into my used cumhole. There was barely any communication from the tops now, nobody spoke to me through the hood or said any words of encouragement. I was truly just a piece of meat, a hole to be fucked and filled, and they weren’t holding back.

The cocks didn’t stop entering me until the night reached its end. Even as the main lights were being turned on around us, I was still being fucked. My best guess is that I was fucked by 37 cocks last night, with 32 of them honouring me with their cum. It’s possible some guys fucked me more than once.

The stallion’s view

Being bound, blindfolded, and fucked non-stop means that as a mare you have absolutely no concept of how the event looks from the top’s perspective. So, I asked a stallion about his experience from the same night.

“The power dynamic between the stallions and the mares is obvious from the moment you cross each other,” he said. “As a top you are free to, and in some ways even expected to be, a dominant and forward male.

“Things kicked off quickly after a few words from the stable master. His pep talk was designed to induce us all into a fucking mood, and it worked. The stallions were all stood in a red and orange lit basement room as every mare was paraded in front of us in a long line. Each one of them hooded and with their wrists bound.

“The stable master encouraged us all to just grab the first mare we liked the look of and pull them aside to grope and fuck.

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“Within seconds, stallions were pulling aside mares to inspect. Some wasted no time, dragging their tied up mares off to mattresses or slings to be fucked. In no time at all, the barely lit room was filled with the sounds of flesh slapping against flesh and the needy moans of mares being roughly taken.

“Everywhere you looked the mares were being taken off and fucked, and as soon as one stallion was finished with a hole, another stallion would step in and take his place, sliding inside each freshly-used hole.

“I enjoyed watching all these cock-hungry mares getting ploughed side-by-side and waited for a turn on one that caught my eye. As soon as his stallion was finished with him he just fucked off and left him there, bent over and freshly-used, so I stepped up and took my place.

“As a top into dominating subs, this event really appealed to me. It was almost entirely as advertised, but in fact it was even easier than expected to find and pull aside your favoured mares than I anticipated.

“There was no drama, no confusion about roles. We were all horny tops and willing bottom lads. Everyone was there for one of two things… to fuck or be fucked.”

The need-to-knows

Here are some thoughts and opinions in response to some of the questions I’ve been asked about the Horse Fair. If you’ve got any questions, ask them in the comments section below and I will do my best to answer them.

  • The event now officially permits bareback sex. If you want it raw, you’re given a black wristband to wear so the stallions know they can breed you.
  • They’re very strict about bottoms never removing their hoods to see the stallions, and for good reason. It’s the whole point of the event.
  • Judging by the queue outside and what I’ve heard from stable boys and stallions alike, there’s a really good mix of guys who participate.
  • The event is run on strict timings to make sure the mares and stallions are ready in time. Arrive on time, otherwise it delays the fun for everyone.
  • Mares’ hands are bound with cable ties which you can break off yourself in an emergency.
  • There is a bar, but as a mare you will have a hard time getting a drink from it after you are hooded and bound. It’s the stallion’s playground after all, and we are their playthings. If you want a drink, best get it before you’re tied up.
  • If you’re not sure about taking the plunge, try going as a stable boy. Your job is to look after the mares and it will give you a feel for the event.

Jamie HP’s Horse Fair. 9pm-12am, each first Saturday of the month. Secret location in London, UK. Website: Tickets: £18 in advance or available on the door.

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  1. Do the stable lads make sure you’re topped up with lube?
    is there a ratio of stallions to mares?

  2. Is it ok to be a stable lad if you r a fit early 60s?
    How many mares/ stallions / stable boys usually?
    What’s the situation about guests? Are they welcome to just come and enjoy the atmosphere or must everyone be red/ black/ orange??

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