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About Paul Morris || Born in a small town in Southern California, Paul Morris began making porn when he was around 10, at which time he was saving his allowance and the money from his paper route to pay neighborhood boys to let him draw and take Polaroids of them naked. At the age of 12 he left home with a 20 year old man named Jim who drove a dark-blue musclecar. With Jim, Paul got an introduction to serious cock-worship.

Paul ended up back home. He barely made it through high school, but as equipment manager for the baseball team he amassed a collection of dirty jock straps by issuing clean ones and taking the turn-ins home. In his Senior year, with an older buddy named Ken, he experimented with drugs, including peyote. While on peyote he spent time photographing Ken, a straight boy, nude.

After graduation, he drifted around the Southwest, hustling, working as a janitor, and stealing his first video camera in LA. He read a lot and he got into some trouble.

When he was 19 he enlisted in the Navy, hoping that it could give his life some structure or purpose. He served for nearly three years and was considering making it a career. But he ended up in the brig, having been caught on base at a gloryhole (that he had made). He was given a dishonorable discharge, ending what he had hoped would have been a lifetime supply of young men to service and videotape.

He moved to New York, hustling and making private tapes. He moved to San Francisco, hustling and making private tapes. A relative died, leaving him some money. So Paul decided to try Art School to study videomaking. He was tossed out for setting up a gloryhole in the performance gallery and taping hustler buddies sucking each other off.

He drifted for a while, using up the money he’d inherited. He lived in beach towns. He wrote some; he tried school again. Eventually he moved back to San Francisco where he met Bob Jones and other professional pornmakers. They encouraged him and taught him the basics of the business. Paul started Treasure Island Media, naming the business after his favorite childhood book. In 1998 he made RAUNCH LUNCH, his first commercial porn video.

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