Happy Birthday Dan Fisk!

Tomorrow is Dan Fisk’s birthday. Dan is a Treasure Island Media exclusive, so if you’re a TIM fan you’ll already be familiar with his perfect cock and the awesome fucks he deals out with it.

I met Dan last May in Chicago. He was part of a TIM contingent who were there for the International Mr Leather event. I flew in from London to meet them, and got to do some camera work too.

Meeting Dan was definitely a highlight of my trip. He is without doubt one of the friendliest most charming men I’ve ever met, with a smile for everyone. Not only was he great company during the week, but on the last day I was lucky enough to shoot a scene with him. It finished up with me getting an angle from underneath, lying on my back in a puddle of Dan’s fuck sweat and watching through the camera as he delivered one of those great Fisk cumshots. Happy days!

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