Nice messages

This message brought a big smile to my face:

“Congratulations! this is the best vid i ever seen!!! i’m 19 years old, and i’m from brazil i have 1,68 tall, and i’m virgin, have gilfriend and i’m in extasis when i see “bad influence
tanks men! i impatient wait your next film!
Lucas Virzz”

To think some horny 19 yr old virgin in Brazil is beating his meat over a video I made just makes me feel great. Thanks also to Gary who sent a friendly email including this picture of his perfectly proportioned cock.

  1. Tnks Liam,
    by the way, i’ve read you last post “Sartre: Sex vs Existential Angst”, great text and picture, I agree 100% with you (and sartre) heheheheh.

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