Josman draws a TIM tattoo

Josman is a great cartoonist who makes genuinely hot gay comics, often with an incest theme. You can see some of his work on this Josman page. Maybe it’s a coincidence, but when I spotted the tattoo in this picture I wondered if he was making a sly tribute to Treasure Island Media. I’d like to think so, anyway.

  1. Sorry Pulco, I can’t think of any other cartoonists who do gay incest. If you find any, let me know!

  2. I’ve already “read” and mostly seen “My Wild and Raunchy Son” and I agree, it’s GREAT ! Do you know any other cartoonist who have the same topic than him ?

  3. If you like that Pulco, definitely check out his other work. His series “My Wild and Raunchy Son” is great.

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