Orwell: Sex vs Hate and Power

“It was not merely that the sex instinct created a world of its own which was outside the Party’s control and which therefore had to be destroyed if possible. What was more important was that sexual deprivation induced hysteria, which was desirable because it could be transformed into war-fever and leader-worship. The way she put it was:
‘When you make love you’re using up energy; and afterwards you feel happy and don’t give a damn for anything. They can’t bear you to feel like that. They want you to be bursting with energy all the time. All this marching up and down and cheering and waving flags is simply sex gone sour. If you’re happy inside yourself, why should you get excited about Big Brother and the Three-Year Plans and the Two Minutes Hate and all the rest of their bloody rot?'”

George Orwell, Nineteen Eighty-Four (1949) p.139

Liam Cole Treasure Island Media Aaron Titch JonesAnd to illustrate Orwell’s point, here’s Titch Jones’ cock sinking into Aaron’s ass.

  1. Yup, the very same Titch Jones, and he’s great! I’ll post more details on this blog soon.

  2. oh my goodness… THE titch jones is performing bareback porn?! WHEN WHEN WHEN WHEN?!?! :o)
    will this be his only bareback movie? cause i’ve never seen him in any other bb production?!

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