Bad Influence: Mark O’Neal + Carl Jacobs

Here’s some more of the unused promo stills from Bad Influence. These are from Scene 5: Mark O’Neal fucks Carl Jacobs.

To see the stills we did use, follow this link to the Bad Influence page. And if you haven’t seen it already, check out this video interview with Carl Jacobs here.

  1. You could feel the heat coming off these men as they fucked…very hot scene…hot fucking me that obviously needed to breed. Bad Influence was the best porn purchase I made in 2008! Can’t wait for your next one..

  2. Carl looks like he came straight from playing the cheeky new recruit on The Bill. Dig how he (allegedly) worried about the impact on his straight acting career – as in legit, not that patronising ‘okay kind of gay’ B.S.

    Guy deserves an Oscar for best bottom(mmm)!

  3. Hi Tom,

    Do you mean you’d like to be Mark O’Neal? Or Carl Jacobs?

    Or maybe even the fashion designer Marc Jacobs?


  4. What a handsome cock ! I can’t wait for your next vid Liam … I wish i was in it 🙂 … hummmm

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