Paul Morris Treasure Island Media Liam Cole Aaron Cristian TorrentPost-production is the name for all the work that gets done on the video after it’s been shot. Part of post-production sometimes involves filtering the video to adjust colour and brightness. Here are examples of how different filters can change an image.

Below is the “original” image, without any filter. It’s too dark, and the colours are a little blue-ish which makes the image look cold. Above is the same image with a “Warm Gamma Correction” filter, which makes it brighter and warms the colours to a more orange tone. This is my favourite filter, but I’m colour-blind so I have to be careful about changing the colour balance. What looks like a beautiful tanned skin tone to me might look green or orange to everybody else (I don’t even know if the example here is correct – you tell me!).

Paul Morris Treasure Island Media Liam Cole Aaron Cristian TorrentBelow are two more examples. “Neutral Gamma Correction” brightens without changing the colour tones. This looks fine to me, but personally I prefer the warmer version. “Brightness/Contrast” has a similar effect to gamma correction, but it often makes light areas too bright, causing them to burn-out like an over-exposed photograph. I used to love the brightness-contrast filter, but now I prefer gamma correction because it doesn’t have that problem.

Which of these examples do you prefer? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks!

Paul Morris Treasure Island Media Liam Cole Aaron Cristian TorrentPaul Morris Treasure Island Media Liam Cole Aaron Cristian Torrent

  1. Thanks for all the comments. Great to find something we all agree on! I’m colour correcting scenes for the new video right now, slowly getting through it….

  2. I agree with all. Neutral gamma would be my 2nd choice, but warm gamma “heats it up,” so to speak. Makes you wish you could jump into the shot yourself.

  3. I like the Warm Gamma Correction filter also!
    And I am NOT colour-blind! 😉

  4. Great, thanks! Glad we all agree.

    You two aren’t colour-blind as well, are you?

  5. I have to say I like the warm Gamma filter was well. It makes the image very apealing

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