Mailbox: Spanish cumpig

These pictures arrived in my mailbox last week from a horny cumpig living in southern Spain. He spends his free time cruising, sucking loads out of every cock he can find, and likes to photograph himself afterwards “as a souvenir”. He agreed for me to post them here on the condition that I include his email address for anyone who wants to give him some spunk will be able to contact him direct. So if you’re in Spain and feel like unloading into this handsome man’s face, he’ll be more than happy to receive your emails at

  1. Liam – do you only film in London or do you ever travel to film?

    Is it expensive to travel withing the EU? It's been too many years since I've been there (Tito was still running Yugoslavia to give you an idea), so I have no knowledge.

  2. mmmmmmm I have an ever growing collection of my own messy facials too….. One day I'll have enough nerve or be drunk enough to email them to you for publication lol

  3. Right now he's in Spain and I'm in London, but if our paths cross I'm sure he'll find his way infront of my camera.

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