Text message update

Received this from him this morning:

“Hey mister. How r u? I’m v good. Was away in Barcelona and Sitges last week. My horniest story was that on Weds morning, I ended up at an afterhours bar/club called **** with my mate and we pulled a gorgeous american guy called ***** (you may know him) who checked out our cocks in the darkroom before inviting us back to the apartment he was staying in round the corner. When we got naked, ***** wanted us two to tag raw fuck his hole and then seed it. After 4 hours of fucking, my mate shot his load deep in *****’s arse and then I fucked it deeper into him. Then I pulled out and wanked off using *****’s cum as lube and blew the biggest load, deep inside, just as I pushed my fat cock back into *****’s amazing hole. I left them cuddled up and went back to my boyf – they fucked again after 2 hours sleep, apparently. 😉 x”

  1. What are Stonewall stands on that sort of DVD being produced in London?

    I am sure lots more are. The models in the UK productions seems more healthy then they USA colleagues.

    I would be a great to know the the UK side are more responsible. STD checks extra. What a the legal ramifications if one of your models decide to sue?

  2. Hey Liam,

    If you're going to star out names you might want to continue the practice through the whole post. LOL

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