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Today was spent going through the footage I’ve been shooting for the next video with Treasure Island Media. The images are looking so good I decided to use one of them to make a new banner for this blog.

So it’s a fond goodbye to the old banner (below), and a joyful welcome to the new (above).

  1. A scene between Rio and Aaron Lamb could look like a brothers incest thing. They are quite similar in the face.

  2. Hello Liam.

    Compliments to you on getting these really hot men in your dvds. As a long time fan of TIM I have always enjoyed the style and the rawness of the sex but I wished that more of the guys were really attractive. There were the superstar power bottoms such as Dawson and Christian who are hot for sure, but they would be in so many scenes repeatedly with tops who were not as hot. In your dvds I find plenty of hot stars. My favorites are Adam King, Eddie Black, Carl Jakob and Aaron Lamb. All very handsome men. This new man Rio is also really nice and I look forward to seeing him in the future.

    Many thanks,
    xx oo xx

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