Easily Persuaded

These pictures were sent by Micky, 26, from Boston. Our exchange went like this:

Hi Liam, I’m a big fan and read ur blog, just thought I would send a
picture of me from a photo shoot I did with a local photographer here
in Boston since you seem to love asses so much. Hope you enjoy, Micky

Hi Micky, thanks for those pictures. You have a BEAUTIFUL ass. Of course, now I want to post your pictures on my blog. Would that be okay? Since you’re showing us your ass, want to tell us what you like to do with it? Thanks! Liam

U can use my pics sure. I appreciate the compliment. I answered a craigslist ad to do some simple photography for a local photographer Violent on flickr. I’m a pretty vanilla guy with a side that’s easily persuaded, if a guy says the right things he can get to see my hardcore side but most get the shy/cheeky me.

Thanks Micky. I like the phrase “easily persuaded”.

Easily persuaded usually means when a guy says “Hey you wanna do
(insert crazy thing here)” I go “sure”

So if I said, “Hey, I wanna take you round my buddy’s house, get you naked on the floor, have a few guys round, get the video camera rolling and spend all night smoking joints, drinking beers, and taking turns on your ass until your hole is oozing spunk so much it’s running down your thighs”, the answer would be … ?

I’m a goody two shoes I don’t do drugs……..but which
friend’s house? 😛

  1. It is never too late to have fun. Don't let your age stop you. Anything is possible.

  2. Young gay men today have the freedom to do things that my generation didn't even consider possible. If only the young men that I grew up with had this sense of freedom, I can only imagine what we would have done. It is bitter sweet to observe a change in culture without being able to partake it. I and others my age cannot help feeling that we were born a few decades too soon.

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