Drawing: Cum on tongue

Doodled about 4 minutes ago.

  1. Palanca, that is a wonderful description! Robert Crumb, silent animation, Sponge Bob…. you're so right!!!


  2. whoa! that face and eyes just remind me of some Robert Crumb characters, this style I guess is the kind that was developing in some silent animation movies, and you know it: popped-out eyes and huge mouth,even I can read some Sponge Bob eyelashes, so this drawing is simply cute! even you don't need to draw the rest of the cum-eater's body: it's a floating head into the empty space -that's neat!

  3. Haha, me too!

    Well, maybe not *quite* so deranged with joy, but that's definitely how I FEEL on the inside.

  4. I think I have the same expression on my face when I see a thick load of cum heading for my mouth.

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