The Big Penis Book

Liam Cole Big Penis BookDid I fool yer? … oh well.

I just finished reading The Big Penis Book, and loved it. It’s full of beautiful photos of men with huge cocks, going from recent stuff right back to the early years of porn. The images all seem to be reproduced from negatives, or really good original prints, because they’re large, bright, clear and sharp – important for scrutinising those penises in close detail.

The photos are grouped by photographer, and each group has an interview or essay about that photographer, including Bob Mizer (AMG), Jim French (Colt), David Hurles (Old Reliable), and James Bidgood. At the end of the book there are descriptions of the models written by the photographers who shot them. All together, it’s a very enjoyable historical document of the production of male porn during the twentieth century and, for me as a relative beginner, it’s inspiring to read about the experiences of men who have spent some, or all, of their professional lives making male porn.

If all that reading sounds like homework then don’t worry – there’s atleast ten pages of cock pictures to every one page of text. And if you’re really bored then you can always “make a dick of yourself” by getting someone to photograph you holding the book up to your waist, and for a moment imagine that you too are the proud owner of a super Big Penis. Good times!

On the left, The Big Penis Book with its discrete plastic cover, and on the right, fully revealed.

  1. Damn yes! No wonder the guys in your movies are so horny with a hottie like you behind the camera.

  2. Looking hot man but seriously how long are ur arms ?? !! From elbow to wrist ur crazy long. If you give up the porn you need to get into basketball.

    X MIKE

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