WILD BREED out now!

Here’s the trailer for WILD BREED. Finally it’s here! The whole thing, available on the TIM website, as a Download To Own or on DVD. Follow this link.

I could tell you how fucking hot WILD BREED is, but why take my word for it? Here’s a fevered piece of early feedback from “Steve”. He wrote this in the comments to my last post, but I’m copy-and-pasting it here because it’s such a glowing (dripping) recommendation:
I have just spent the past 2 hours at home, and downloaded the Wild Breed DTO form TIM… all I can say is fucking hell… its some of your best work, and i have not gone through the extras yet, in-fact, its still downloading half the scenes, and I have already cum twice again (3rd today) I could not hold it back… its Scene 5… Woodland Cruising. 

I left a mssg last October, I am the guy who used to go cruising at the grounds in Wisley off the A3 just out of London, from the age of 16… for about 10 years. There is a scene in your Woodland Cruising, the group gets together and then the guy in the leather jacket starts sharing around his arse… reminds me of being in my 20’s… now in my 30’s, and love thinking back :@) Loads of poppers, a warm summers night and gang banging in the woods… so naturally watching your video was too much… I garbed some poppers and exploded… and I have not ever looked at the PlayPit scenes yet.

Its what I love, men doing what comes naturally, fucking as nature intended, raw energy. 

I cant wait to get through all the other scene’s…well done. Indebted, maybe some day we shall me.

Cheers, and keep up the amazing work. You have really really made my friday!”

  1. This is our kind of fun..bareback, extreme grunge, raw, ripe, rank and extreme raunch…so says Animalia.

  2. The woodland cruising scene is the hottest scene in porn that I hae ever watched. Thank you!

  3. Talent has one name: LC!!!

    it seems to be very hot ,this comment remember me some nights i have in "le transfert" near le Louvre in Paris^^
    if only was in this video,giving my holes…

    and this Peto looks so beastly!!!!!

    i 'd have loved to come in Manchester next week too , but will be in Barcelona…sad 🙁

    do you have news or reply from those french places i told you about ??

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