Liam ColeMessing about with some colored lights. I’m color blind, but even I can see these. These pictures haven’t had anything “done” to them to increase the color intensity, this is just how they are.

Forgive the slack-jawed nostril shot below. Not the most flattering expression, but I like the colors in this one so here it is. Focus on the nipples, that’s my advice.

Liam Cole

  1. You are incredible fuckin’ hot machofucker bro !!!
    Uh, so hot body …would love to see ur dick babe.
    Spermy kiss

  2. How many times a week do you work out your muscle? hwo many times a week do you drain your balls thanks to that muscles attraction. Hope I'll see you in Folsom to service you the best I can! lol

  3. Liam..i think im in love…..If you ever visit Scotland…or next time i'm in London……

  4. You're handsome Liam, I hope you come to Brazil, I would love fuck with you,please if you come to Brazil one day, look for me ok

  5. Did I already tell you how much I would love to be fucked by you Liam ? Those pictures are awesome !

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