Economy (song)

Warning: Musical interlude. If this is interrupting your jerk-off session, I apologise. Scroll on down to the fucking.

This video isn’t porn, and it doesn’t have anything to do with sex. This blog might not be the best place for it (Just because you like a man’s porn doesn’t mean you want to hear him sing), but I’ve been pleasantly surprised by your feedback to my doodles, so I thought a bit of music might be alright too.

The reason the song stops abruptly is because it’s an experiment that’s been abandoned halfway through. It was coming out too… I dunno, soft. It sounds a bit better on headphones with the volume up, but doesn’t everything? Makes me want to dig out my electric guitar and play something noisy. Trouble is, my new neighbours have two young children and the mother is at home with them all day, so I feel bad about making a racket. Suburban life is so Rock’n’Roll, eh?

  1. Sorry for any problems with the video. Blogger used to upload videos well, but now it doesn't work for me so I have to use a file share site which isn't so good.

    And thankyou Ad, glad you liked it!

  2. great big X in my MS-IE window for the clip,
    but it did work in Google Chrome
    and I loved it . . .

  3. Hello Sy. I'd never heard "I want you now" or "Leave in Silence", so I looked them up on youtube – and you're right. In fact, that's what I don't like about this song. It sounds too much like 80s pop. No disrespect to the 'peche (they wrote Enjoy the Silence, after all), but as far as 80s music goes I prefer Tom Waits, Nick Cave, Leonard Cohen, etc.

    I think this is something that comes from a lack of self-discipline in the making. Each step of the way little things don't come out quite how I intended, but I carry on and think "never mind, maybe it will be good in its own way", and then when I finish I realise that it sounds like music that I don't particularly like. Back to the drawing board!

    PK, it's not the kids I'm worried about, it's the mother. Judging by the screaming matches that she has with her husband, she's borderline psychotic. I'm frankly a bit scared of getting on the wrong side of her. That's the trouble with neighbours. They know where you live.

    Was that a joke, Eric? What was the "oh!" about?

    Thanks for the comments! I was strangely nervous about posting this. Wondering if I was making a total fool of myself, Florence Foster Jenkins style. But because you've been nice that means I will do more, so for whatever follows you only have yourselves to blame. 🙂

  4. I must be perfectly technologically challenged, but I didn't find the link to the song.
    oh !
    eric (FR cum pig!)

  5. sounds like early depeche mode… like "i want you now" or the "leave in silence" intro <3

  6. I'd say, Fuck the kids. Dig out your electric guitar. It does sound great as it is, however.

  7. I don't know why but I can't stop listening to this. Four times in a row and I still want more, maybe because it's over too quickly and stops bluntly. Usually when a gay porn star records a song it's a tacky gay disco or pop dance track like Colton Ford. I was expecting you would do something like that and I was ready to say don't give up the day job. This is much better and more unique than that. Keep doing your music as well as your drawings and videos. Good luck to you Liam in everything you do!
    From a fan in Yorkshire.


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