More t-shirts (with Cory Koons and Sage Daniels)

Suck Dick, Save the World. Amen.

When the TIM website got refurbished they added some great pictures of guys modeling t-shirts with my designs on. The one above comes from a drawing I did a year or so ago. Paul Morris came up with the Suck Dick, Save the World slogan and I illustrated it.

Paul also wanted a design for his ‘eugenics project’, so we devised a suitably clinical adaption of the TIM logo (see below). I don’t know who this handsome model is, but his furry bare ass definitely does something for the shirt and if there’s a way of breeding more like him then I’m all for it.

Finally, I spotted the Dick Man t-shirt making another appearance, this time on Cory Koons’ chest at the TIM Truck Party in San Francisco (See below. For more pics, visit Cory’s facebook). And just for the hell of it, another picture of Sage Daniels in the grey version. Dick man sure gets around.

  1. Wow! I'd wish to have one of those shirts – to annoy someone who hates it when I say PUTEANDO (Bitchin') and also to combat dickphobia… beautiful!

  2. Always a pleasure to have you here, Ad! (anyone who hasn't seen Ad's collection of homoerotic art should check it out now

    You're going to photograph the t-shirt? That's great! I'm looking forward to seeing the results.

  3. Got the T-shirt 2 days ago,
    still thinking about how to photograph it,
    how about sticking the foot up my asshole,
    but it feels kinda sacrilege, now it's still squeekyclean, but maybe whem Canalpride Amsterdam is done (aug 7) I'll find a guy to do the shoot with his cock stuck in it and make the feel mighty real
    And by then I'll surely find loads of guys will appreciate the brown stained foot

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