TIM sponsorship speedo

Treasure Island Media is sponsoring diver Robert Remington (pictured here) in the Gay Games 2010. To see him in practice, click here.

I was asked to draw some designs for the TIM sponsorship speedo that Robert will wear. Paul Morris came up with the ideas and I drew them as he described. It was a pleasure to work on a speedo that will eventually contain such an impressive cock, as well as a talented athlete. Best of luck Robert!

  1. Robert has a great ass too- it actually looks almost exactly like your drawing of it in the speedo……

  2. I like the enlarged Logo version as its the most Graphic. The version with the Tim Log right over the asshole is just amazing, but the enlarged TIM I think will be the winner

  3. TIM speedo would be a definetely item worth to wear especially with the logo. I would avoid black beacuse it hides the ball and ccok shape too much.
    Question : is this swimmer making porn as well?


  4. Hey Ad,

    I think we're only making these as a one-off for Robert.

    However, if you think TIM speedos would be a good idea to put on general sale then try sending your suggestion to our business manager Matt. His address is matt@treasureislandmedia.com


    1. Hey Liam,
      Thanks for all of the good press in your blog, I really appreciate it :). BTW, I think you’re very sexy!

  5. would immediately buy a speedo with huge bold TIM on the ass and Paul Morris on the waistband front and the logo on the cock.
    Make one white print on red fabric and red print on black fabrick and I'd buy both !
    ID Image at google cropped my head off, don't like that, see what can be done. meanwhile more images of me at http://www.queerlog.nl

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