Happy Birthday Paul Morris (yesterday)

Yesterday was Paul Morris‘s birthday. I wanted to make a video for him, and spent the weekend working on it, but unfortunately it didn’t come out well so in the end I didn’t send it. Sorry Paul, I’ll do better next year.

One of the difficulties was a new toy – the video projector I was using to create a (very) old-fashioned ‘special effect’. The image above was meant to look like I’m inside a building at night, looking out of a window (click on it to see full size). I’m still figuring out how to use projection in conjunction with other lighting. I don’t know if these pictures show the process, or the intended result, but here they are anyway.

Of course, like every failed effort, it was followed by the usual neurotic torrent of negative thoughts, from the pretentious “I have no talent” to the old melodramatic classics “I hate myself” and “I’m wasting my life” (thanks, inner-critic, for those measured insights). Still, nothing beats the blues like venting, and having written this I feel better already. My mood was also helped by calling Paul Morris himself who is always interesting to talk to, despite (or because of?) being unhinged and evil. Happy Birthday PM.

  1. Hi Frank. Do you have a link for that song? Google turned up a musical call Dance of the Vampires / Tanz der Vampire. Is that the one you mean?

  2. Mistakes make our successes that much sweeter… There is a song [title of show] called vampires that talk about the voices i our heads. I think you would find it quite amusing.

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