Sage Daniels, Cory Koons and Brad McGuire

Sage Daniels, Cory Koons and Brad McGuire, getting down to it at a Treasure Island Media party in San Francisco. These are not stills from a video shoot, they’re just photos taken at the party. On his blog Cory describes working with T.I.M.: “It was less like porn and more like sex than anything I have ever done with a video camera and lighting before.”

These pictures show that the T.I.M. men keep doing their thing long after the lights and cameras have been packed away. It’s not a job. It’s a lifestyle.

  1. I will take a closer look at the masked guys when i am perving about from now on… especially if they are holding a camera !! 😉

  2. You wouldn't always be able to recognise me. Sometimes I have a leather hood on, rubber mask, etc.

  3. hmmmm …. not seen you in any sex clubs I have been too… and I would look out for you! off to the Hoist tonight though (gummi night)

  4. And in answer to your question, no I haven't been in the woods lately but I have been hanging around toilets and sex clubs so watch this space.

  5. Hi Pete,

    I don't know if this will be on a TIM DVD, it might only have been photographed, not caught on video. I'm just glad there was someone there with a camera to get these pictures.


  6. Would love to have seen that… will it be on a TIM DVD??!!

    Hope all is well, been out into the woods to film again? I and many others hope so.


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