SPERM ASSAULT pre-release scene

Here are some pictures from a new pre-release scene for Max Sohl’s forthcoming SPERM ASSAULT, available now at the Treasure Island Media website.

The TIM site tells us: In this scene, mega-hung topmen DIMITRI SANTIAGO and new Treasure Island Media find MR. MARKY—a ridiculously handsome black stud with a fat ten-inch cock and an interesting penchant for sucking his thumb while fucking—give MARCO CRUISE a double pounding.

These mad fuckers abuse cumwhore MARCO’S hole with load after load of sperm, breeding the uber-cunt bottom within an inch of his life.

  1. DIMITRI SANTIAGO Is among the hottest men on the face of the earth. It is my highest dream to worship between his legs nursing his most excellent cock for ALL I am worthy to receive out of it. I would proudly allow the world to see him breed my ass any day. I cannot say enough about him. He is near perfect in my humble eyes.

  2. If you wanna get fully loaded, go to a bb sexclub in jockstraps. It's the best way to get a few hot loads without spending time organizing an orgy.

  3. expect 1/3 showing up.
    I never understood why the other 60% dont have the balls to show up and assume what they are instead of wanking their keyboard.


  4. Thanks, yes got quite a few who say they are coming so should have some even if half dont show! Nervous here but it has to be done!

  5. Well done, organising groups is not as easy as it sounds. Don't be too disappointed if not all the guys show up. If you've tried before, you'll know that organising men for sex is like herding cats. My tip would be to invite more than you think you need.

    Once you've got a room full, things generally go well. 🙂

  6. yeah, perfect pics, love it. This blog has been such a massive inspiration for me – and am taking my first loads on Monday.

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