A picture of me

This is me shooting “behind the scenes” footage on a friend’s video project. Hopefully this picture will be acceptable to the administrators of twitter, who recently suspended my account because my last picture (below) was deemed “pornographic”. I must be jaded. I thought this was about as pornographic as a builder’s butt cleavage.

  1. Liam – I love your mind. You are a genious at getting into the mind of a bb bottom like me. I want to live out all the fantasies I see in every single one of your videos. You know what us hungry pig bottoms want. I’ve watched your videos for years – fantasizing about letting tops bb me. I wanted to feel them raw inside me – fucking me like a man and not holding back – I would watch those hot young bb bottoms taking loads and imagined myself offering my raw neg hole up for everyone to breed. I started to bb with “neg” tops and I was hooked. Feeling them cum in me just made me want more. I found top after top to fuck me raw – I got so hungry for cum that as long as their profile said neg I just let them cum in me no questions asked.

    I jerked off to your vids with cum in me hole and I imagined it was hot toxic HIV AIDS cum. I kept finding more and more bb “neg” tops and sometimes I’d get 2-3 loads in a day and then again I’d jerk off watching your vids wishing I could take all those loads.

    I was fucking poz bottoms all the time – sometimes they had poz cum in their asses and my cock loved that feeling. One pig bottom I fucked took 10-15 loads at a bookstore every weekend- one time i was high and i couldn’t get hard to fuck him so i let him fuck me knowing he was HIV poz – I was imagining that I was now acting out things I had seen in your videos…and I LOVED it! I started to get scared about how far I had taken this…I asked him to pull out but it was too late – my hungry hole had already milked all of his seed into me – he never let on that he had been stroking his sweet gift into my thankful and hungry hole… – when he told me he had cum the shock and fear made me clench immediately on his still shooting cock – I’d crossed a line and there was no going back. I was being given the gift finally – it felt right.

    I regretted it a little at first but then I kept watching your vids. I wanted the life of the bottoms I was seeing – You were in my mind and showing me exactly what I wanted.

    later that morning still out of my mind and watching your vids while full of the cum dump’s cum, I found a poz top online and didn’t mention my neg status.. he looked poz and I took his load this time begging him for it. It felt so hot to finally feel comfortable about openly asking for what i wanted and not feeling bad about it. Now I had two poz loads in me and i was finally free – there was no going back – I was becoming an AIDS cum dump and let me tell you I have no regrets. I would love to be a blindfolded bottom in one of your vids – I want other young bb bottoms to see me taking loads and wish it was them. I want to help these boys get the gift and join the club. Hopefully seeing me will encourage them.

  2. Hi Liam,
    I have to agree, I’d like to see you in front of the camera too. I am curious though: when did you get your TIM tattoo, was it your first, and how has it affected your self image?
    All the best.

  3. Liam I must say you are an extraordinary photographer but you look much better in front of the camera. Please show more YOU !

  4. Charming, Mystical, ultimate. One day, I will have the chance to be that bottom who takes every guy in the room. If I ever make it to London, maybe my fantasy will come true, and one of them will be you…. even if, I will definitely be thinking of you as one after another takes his turn inside me.

    Maybe I will have to set up a google account so I am not just another anonymous…. but then, I like the idea of anonymous men just taking turns, in and out, leaving their loads and moving on

  5. Hi Anonymous, I like that fantasy too. I'm very fond of gangbang bottoms. I like to fuck them, but also love to watch them bring fucked by everyone else. It's the abandon, and openness (metaphorical and physical). I find it charming, for want of a better word.

  6. Liam,

    I have always had a fantasy of being a bottom in one of your films…. My ULTIMATE fantasy is you being one of the tops to blow in my ass while someone sucks the cum out of my cock.

  7. Thanks Hamlet, you're right, the editing is AWESOME, but it's not me, it's the brilliant editors who worked on Full Tilt. Damon Dogg, Elliott Wilder and Reuben Jansen. Their talent and hard work turns my shambolic sex-tapes into coherent exciting porn, and the videos would be nothing without them.

    Thankyou to them for doing such a great job, and to you for noticing. 🙂

  8. your editing of Full Tilt is just untoppable. Sheer Genius in command of "in crescendo" effect

  9. I can't be alone in wanting to see you pounding or getting pounded in one of your videos. You're TOO HOT to stay behind the camera!

  10. Your first pic was hot/funny for several reasons but this one might just be even cuter!

  11. Hi Liam…

    A very hot pic… always good to see the man behind the films… looking as sexy as ever and slightly angelic.

    We are all I am sure waiting for your forthcoming release!! When do we get our christmas present!


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