T.I.M. Tuesday

In honor of big cocks everywhere, our editor Sam da Man came up with this fun vid for T.I.M. Tuesday:

[hana-flv-player video=’http://clips-for-blog.s3.amazonaws.com/Giant_cock_BLOG.mp4′ width=432 height=280 autoplay=true/]

Now for today’s T.I.M. Tuesday question: What Treasure Island Media Exclusives are featured in the original “Suck Dick, Save the World?”

Speaking of our never-ending quest for world salvation, we’re making a “Morning Wood” offer to members of our Suck Dick, Save the World (SDSTW) online community:

If you’re a SDSTW member, you can buy Suck Dick, Save the World 2 starting tomorrow–a full week before it’ll be available anywhere else (even our main site!). As thanks for your support, we’ll send you some SDSTW swag and Paul Morris’s autograph. And if you’re one of the first 10 people to order, you’ll also get a unique “Suck Dick, Save the World” t-shirt, hand-tagged by The Ultimate Cocksucker, Damon Dogg himself.

So head over to www.suckdicksavetheworld.com and log in (or sign up if you’re not a member yet; it’s free!).

  1. OK not into smooth guys but damn that shower of cum was hot. Find this very funny and glade you did it. Thanks

    1. If you go again you will see that the sale starts tomorrow.  I was updating everything as you contacted me.

      1. OK, not sure where that is..but put me down as at least wanting to be first!!!!  🙂

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