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So, IN THE FLESH has been out a few weeks now, and the feedback so far is great. Thanks to everyone who’s written in or messaged me online. Here’s a few of the ones I’ve enjoyed.

“”Your productions gave me the freedom I dreamed of! They confirmed to me that I’m not the only perverted twisted human being on this planet.

Seeing all those perverted pigs made me live the raw life I was fantasising about; to make the choice I always wanted to make without any regrets and to go for the most basic instinct a human being has: the sexual drift.

“”Got your DVD yesterday (though I was impatiant and also downloaded it).

I have to ask you – where do you find your amazing bottoms? Jorge and the guy in the four-way fuck especially. Have rarely seen two guys who are as fit and love cock in their arse and mouth so much. Great stuff mate.

I’ve downloaded your new movie IN THE FLESH this week. It is the kind of sex I like to beat on…

Loved the Jorge gangbang and the black guy Frederik. My two favorites scenes.

I’m a big fan of yours. I like the fact that you bring new guys in your movies. I like hearing your voice telling them how you want it. You film the BEST cumshots. I’m never disappointed with those. I would love you to film a good fisting scene as well. Like one of those elbow deep sessions…

Hey, you must get literally thousands of messages like this, but I just have to express my appreciation for all the work you have done and do.

Watching your films helped me truly relinquish my stupid worries about bareback sex and just let me become the cumdump that I was meant to be. And I’m a Med Student!

God, I love your work Liam. I jerk off thinking about finally letting a guy load my ass up.

Very hooked on muscle tops. Roided out muscle freaks eager to jizz in my hole and knock me up. Uhh fuck ya.

I’m in great shape here, huge muscle ass, flat stomach, baby good looks, very camera shy, but love the seed.

Its all I think about anymore.

If you post this on your blog and send me the link then I will follow the feedback. It will just serve as more encouragement for me to finally take the dive.

You are responsible for the pig inside me kicking to cum out,
thanks : P

I’m a conflicted piglet unraveling for the idea of several tops sharing him, seeding him, loving him, me letting go..

It’s the fantasy that brought me to TIM and I’ve had countless wanks wishing guys like those getting sodomized in your videos were me. It’s a fantasy you could turn into reality. I fantasize about being a pass around bottom in your videos, now, I am not sure if I could go through with it…

We’ll see in time..

  1. Would love to be in the shoes of the sexfreak blindfolded in this movie. He is sooo pig and cum hungry, a real slut like I a

  2. hey, I loved the movie too. It’s really hot and very natural, I love the way that some models looks so pure and are full of desire for a cock, cum and piss. And please, I NEED more of Florian Manns! He’s so hot!

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