Korean Artist Jaymin Paints Portraits of T.I.M. Models


Jaymin is a 24-year-old visual design student in Seoul, Korea who loves Treasure Island Media and our men.

Because it can be difficult to meet Westerners in Seoul, Jaymin turns to Treasureislandmedia.com for inspiration.


These paintings of T.I.M. models are from his recent “Orgasm” series. Can you guess which models he’s painted?


“Most of my artworks are interactive paintings, which means I communicate with models.” Says Jaymin. “When I finish my painting, I give the copy of my paintings to my models. This procedure (giving the copy of paintings) is also the part of the interaction.”


Since Jaymin can’t interact with our models in person, we’re delighted to share them with the world here on The Island. We’re hoping to get the originals in our office soon, to help support artistic expression and to remind ourselves how much our fans are part of our lives, and us theirs.

Please help us support Jaymin’s artistic endeavors by leaving us a comment about his paintings.


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