Free Scene from Dawson’s 50 Load Weekend 2

We’re kicking off 2012 with a free scene from Dawson’s 50 Load Weekend Part 2, (MORE HERE) that we hope will help get your juices flowing in the new year.

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DAWSON’S 50 LOAD WEEKEND is a work of world-class smut that belongs in the porn collection of all cock-swingin’ topmen and cock-worshipping, cum-craving bottoms. Part Two is available HERE for only $25 on DVD while supplies last.

  1. I am eager to see my Buddy, who just hired on with you guys, he is tall sexy, and has tatts on both elbows, hope he is good for you guys.Oh and I like Dawson, but Ray Dalton gets my blood boiling!!! Do him in an exclusive scene. He is Hot too…

  2. how fuckin hot is that? damn. is that seth scott running the turkey baster? he could fuck me anytime with his monster cock.

  3. Something so perfect, so natural, so erotic about knowing you have a man’s sperm inside you. It fulfills you, it completes you!!


  4. What an amazing way to break in the new year. Manfuck Manifesto should be on every mans list. And as all the political election news hits the media it reminds me of the difference between a politician and a TIM stud sucking cock to save the world . Well actually, there’s no difference, one slip of the tongue , and their both in the shit. Can’t wait to get my copy. Joe

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  5. Glug , glug , glug, dont you just want to be there, depositing. Communal load or two to keep te lad topped up ?

  6. Glug , glug , glug, don’t Ou just want to be there, depositing. Communal load or two to keep te lad topped up ?

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