Meet Cole Simmons – Team Captain, Austin Renegades


“I fucking love dirty, nasty, sweaty men!” – Cole

When Cole contacted us about sponsoring his Austin based softball team Paul Morris said, “You seriously want me to sponsor a softball team?!” Then we showed him photos of the team, including some of these choice images of Cole

Not only is Cole easy to look at, but he’s a hard working and horny fucker who we think has what it takes to lead his team to the 2012 World Series. The Renegades are well on the way, having won their first two games on February 12th. Leave a comment and tell us what you think of Cole and the team.

Follow the Renegades on facebook HERE to keep up with their season and show your support.

  1. Damn I would love to get him and a few of his teammates over to my private gloryhole. I love when guys take turns and watch each other. Please tell him I’m the best!

  2. Hey lads. Great blog seeing you all marked. I was just thinking I would love for Paul Morris to slap his autograph on the side of my tattoo, so I can the get it tattooed over the actual signature.
    Another ideas would be to have the signatures on my bare arse of any TIM studs who reserve the right to fuck my arse, leave their load , then ‘sign it off’ Then have those signatures tattooed too.
    I recon it would be Awsome and an amazing way to have my territory marked by TIM men
    What you think?

  3. I would certainly like to know if Lance is willing to be in the next movie. I would love to see him!!!!

  4. Hi AAA ratings – very rare these days of crisis. IS it the opening door to a TIM movie in a locker room orgy?

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