Meet Trevor Hawks from TIM Casting in SF

Trevor wants to get you naked!


Favorite Films: Breeding Season 2 and Suck Dick Save The World

Past-Times: (other than sex) chilling with friends, hand rolled smokes, cold drinks, playing guitar, itunes

Sexual Role: versatile top, oral sub, willing to experiment

Spit or Swallow: Spit? Are you serious? NEVER!

Bareback? of Course

Trevor Hawks is the real deal.  You may recognize him from the cover of Slurpin’ Jizz 3, or you may have been lucky enough to meet him in San Francisco in the back of the Powerhouse, at The Edge in the Castro, or on his knees at the Folsom Gulch.   We at TIM are lucky as fuck to have him slinging a camera and scouting for sexy West Coast men who want to work with the most notorious studio in the business.

“I’ve always been on the look out for sexy fuckers to take to bed,” says Trevor. “Now I get to invite them to get naked and let loose for the camera. I love helping men fulfill their desires while giving fans something that will get them off for years to come.”

“I love it at TIM!” says Trevor.  “Our productions are real, unlike most porn that is contrived and scripted.  We find genuinely sexy men and let them do their thing.  When I’m filming, I’m part of the sex. It doesn’t get any more authentic than that!”

Trevor is a committed TIM man.  He recently got a Treasure Island Media tattoo to fulfill a long time dream.   If you see him around town, ask him to show you his TIM pride.  He won’t bite…unless you’re into that sort of thing.

Tell Trevor how sexy he is! Email him:

Want to get naked for us? Submit your application online HERE!

  1. Come on Trevor, get you ass over to the UK for try outs??? have a ‘fuck factor or suck factor’ competition with Liam. Dare you take it on ? JoeUK

  2. He’s a hotty, eh? I hear TIM is looking for America’s Best Cocksucker? PLEEEEZ tell me where and when you’re holding tryouts!

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